Pat Chilton

Patrick Charles S Chilton was born 15th February 1921.  He undertook his ab initio flying training at 20 ERFTS, Gravesend.

Chilton flew these Tiger  Moths at Gravesend between 26th June and 18th August 1939
5483, 5485, 5488. 5489, 5491 (first solo), 5493, 6447, 6448, 6449, 6646, 6647, 6835, 6935

He commanded 1849 Sqn. from August 1944 to December 1944 and 1843 Sqn. from February 1945 to the end of the war.
Chilton died died 19th July 1975 in Westminster.

Pat Chilton.

Pat Chilton about to undertake his first solo at Gravesend on Tiger Moth N-5491.

Pat Chilton's first car at Gravesend - an Austin 7 Chummy.

A diagram of the Tiger Moth fuel system drawn by Pat Chilton as part of his training at Gravesend.

The Aircraaft Flown page from Pat Chilton's logbook - 153 types of aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft, starting with the Tiger Moth.

Chilton's last flight was at Mach 2 in the Empire Test Pilots School Lightning where he was C/O.

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